Clinical psychology

“Health: a set of correct lifestyle habits.”

Understanding, prevention and intervention in psychological and relational problems, at the individual, family and group levels, including activities to promote and maintain psychological well-being.

Psycho-diagnostic examination

Tests, psychological interviews and specialized medical examinations to have a complete psycho-somatic examination and profile of one’s personality with a final psychological and medical diagnosis of one’s organic and psychological disorders.

Psychological Diagnosis

This stage consists of a comprehensive psychological assessment of the person to understand both his or her psychic structure and emotional characterization. All with the help of important specialized tests as well.

Medical Diagnosis

Medical evaluation refers to all scientific branches indicated in the section “psychosomatic medicine.” There are three levels of analysis, from basic to more specialized and advanced, depending on the needs of the case.

Individualized treatment plan

Following the assessment phase carried out through the psychosomatic protocol, a multidiscplinary treatment plan can be planned according to the indications that emerged in the assessment phase. At last, everyone will know when their journey begins and when it will end. And what are the expected results.

Psychosomatic Profile

Through a very innovative and advanced diagnostic and evaluative methodology, it is possible to conduct an “MRI” of the person in front of you, identifying their psychological and medical, functional and positive and dysfunctional and non-positive characteristics. With 2 integrated psychosomatic assessment meetings, it will be possible to establish a detailed, very rapid and effective integrated treatment plan. Prof. Antonio Popolizio is the scientific leader of this initial evaluation phase.

To carry out with projects and courses conducted on site or at institutions effective prevention and health education.

What we do

  • Courses in psychology and medicine
  • Proper living habits
  • Targeted projects on demand
  • Master’s degree in psychosomatics
  • Health education projects
  • Training projects on proper living habits
  • Physical and mental health assessment surveys