Consulting and Training

Consulting and Training

Cenpis Academy acts on the resources of the individual and the team to uncover their hidden potentials, enhance them and make the best use of them: self-confidence, positive mindset, desired goals–the right elements for personal success. In work, in school, in sports.

The mental coaching for professionals

Sport Psychology

Dedicated training and coaching courses for professionals, psychological preparation of athletes and teams, specialized psychological counseling and assistance.

Occupational Psychology

Training courses for business executives on human resource management, leadership and development. Leadership development coaching and advanced training for managers and executives.

Psychology of Art, Fashion and Entertainment

Promotion and enhancement of art and artists, with pathways aimed at support for carrying out activities and consolidating one’s artistic career.

Legal Psychology

In modern society Psychology and Law appear to be an appropriate and necessary pairing, a twinning now inevitable as much as it is desired and desired.

Psychology of Marketing and Communication

Theoretical models and practical tools converge in economic and consumer psychology, relating to the needs and wants of individuals and businesses.

School of Education

Master’s degree and advanced training courses to prepare high-level professionals in every area of psychological research. All courses are organized by Cenpis Talent and Quality of Life Association.