Mental Coaching is the new scientific discipline and method of individual talent development researched, tested and fine-tuned over 10 years of official international research by former Prof. Daniele Popolizio, Head with Special Research Assignment to Sport for the European Union.

The discipline consists of the specialized study of Talent in order to identify its peculiarities and draw a highly scientific and detailed profile of it, including through specialized tests, and then prepare a work plan to greatly enhance the qualities that have emerged and reinforce its limitations, activating a mechanism of unlocking and empowerment in depth. This is accomplished using the
Funnel Technique
pioneered 10 years ago by Prof. Daniele Popolizio, a new psychological empowerment method aimed precisely at developing performance, confidence and leadership.

This method is applied to the individual as well as to work teams and sports teams. The entire discipline and method rest on the use of Scientific Psychology.

How to become a Mental Coach


The Mental Coach, in order to be recognized and thus authorized to intervene on a person or group, must first of all be a registered Psychologist (5-year degree + license to practice with National State Examination).

This qualification alone, however, is not enough, since since it is a specialized professional figure, it also requires a second important title, that of Specialist Psychotherapist registered with the National Register (4 years of further specialization after graduation + qualification to practice the chosen psychotherapeutic approach).

The figure outlined so far has existed for some time and is the only one qualified to intervene in the internal psychological mechanisms of individuals and groups, aimed, however, essentially at treating symptoms and delicate restructuring of mental and personality structures. But the Mental Coach is the specialized evolution of the psychologist-psychotherapist in the branch of talent and performance psychology, human resource management.

Master’s degree and professional experience

Therefore, this is why, dealing with performance and talent, the Mental Coach must also obtain an official Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management (University / or Institutional Research Institution) of at least 1 year’s duration and in addition must carry out with official assignment of Recognized Research Institution or University at least 5 years of national and/or international research on the topic of psychology of performance and/or Talent.

At this point, only one last, but important step will be missing to be able to present oneself as a Mental Coach: to have at least 5 years of documentable specialized experience/practice in the field of human resource management, in the sports and/or labor sectors. .

Talent and Achievement Specialist

Ultimately, this professional figure is the classic second-level professional figure, that is, the result of the multiple convergence of degrees, specializations, research and expertise. The Recognized Mental Coach is a specialist in Talent and Achievement.


How Mental Coaching came about

How Mental Coaching came about

Since the former Prof. Daniele Popolizio-as a researcher for the European Union with Special Assignment for Sport-began conducting international scientific studies on applied sport psychology in 2003, two issues clearly emerged:

  1. The lack of a reliable scientific method that would guarantee effective performance enhancement, both sports and professional
  2. the lack of a comprehensive professional figure who was highly specialized in talent management and development.


Mental mechanisms and the Funnel Technique

Mental mechanisms and the Funnel Technique

It was for these reasons that Daniele Popolizio, in 10 years of international research both theoretical and applied to top talents in sports, came to prove the existence of numerous mental mechanisms related to the performance and development/affirmation of individual Talent.

By experimenting with and fine-tuning the famous Funnel Technique (a very effective technique that had so much media attention thanks to the well-known cases of Federica Pellegrini and the many other sports champions), the professional figure of the Mental Coach was structured, to the point of having it officially recognized and popularized with the awarding of the European Professional Diploma/Certificate of Merit of “Mental Coach,” for sporting achievements made in carrying out the European-oriented project “EUROPE, PSYCHOLOGY AND SPORT” held under the patronage of the Office for Italy of the European Parliament.

Mental Coaching

For sports, business, arts and entertainment

These steps allowed Mental Coach and the new scientific discipline of Mental Coaching to exist in Europe. And to be applied today to all sectors of the world of work, art and entertainment. The scientific model studied by him was published in the book “Winning in Life” – Sperling & Kupfer editions, 2010 – and in the Scientific Journal he founded and edited “The Talent” – Cenpis Association Publisher, 2009.