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Sports Psychology is dedicated to the training, through individual or group interventions, of management staff, referees, coaches, instructors, and athletes in individual or team sports. The sports psychologist, more commonly referred to as the Sport Mental Coach, does not provide services concerning advice or technical and tactical strategies, but plays a well-defined role: that of an expert on psychological and psycho-pedagogical issues vis-à-vis all members of the Sports Society.

The Mental Coach is particularly concerned with: coaching and enhancing athletes’ mental skills, such as that of setting goals, managing performance anxiety, and maintaining one’s motivation. The Mental Coach is also used as a figure who can improve communication and dialogue between managers and staff and/or between coaches and athletes.


Our services

Our services


  • Training and Coaching courses aimed at Coaches and Technical Directors
  • Testing the athlete’s and team’s winning resources
  • Psychological preparation for competition and individual and group motivational training
  • “Team building” with the technical staff of top teams
  • Brief specialized counseling for the recovery and management of the “difficult” or crisis athlete and the inclusion of the foreigner
  • Team psychological support with the specialist’s presence at trainings, competitions and retreats.


  • Training courses for Instructors and Heads of Sports Schools
  • Listening and counseling desk for pupils and parents on growth difficulties
  • Conferences for parents of students on expectations for their children and sports success
  • Networked and customized projects for the entire sports society.

Sports Area

National Center for Athlete and Professional Team Recovery and Mental Development

Scientific Direction and Design: formerly Prof. Daniele Popolizio, head of European Sport Project Cenpis 2004, EU-sponsored.
Mental Coach of Merit Venice Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement. Specialist psychologist, Psychotherapist.


First national sportsman’s mental preparation and recovery center

First national sportsman’s mental preparation and recovery center

Cenpis, the first National Association for the Identification and Development of Talent, using the Funnel Technique, the most modern method available today in the countries of the European Union, documented by certificates of merit for applied scientific research carried out under the European Sport Project from 2006 to 2015, the only one capable of defining a Individual Talent Profile, a unique tool for the subsequent training of its resources.

Our approach, devoted to the pursuit of individual and group excellence, represents something truly new for the success of individuals and work teams because it introduces a method of dynamic potential recovery and development.

Professional athletes and teams

Philosophy of Performance and Funnel Technique

A true Working Team composed of professionals from each discipline guided by a unified scientific method, who follow the development and expression of individual talent step by step.

With these interventions, we aim to enhance athletes’ psychological resources and stably change their mental toughness and approach to competition, offering support and development of individual confidence. Interventions can be carried out on the individual athlete or the entire team group and is aimed at both professional and junior athletes and teams.

Technicians and coaches

Our intervention

With our interventions we convey the latest scientific findings on the conscious and unconscious mechanisms that take over in the “head” of the athlete and/or team group. We train technical staff and support them in a “coaching” mode to prepare them psychologically to handle stress and environmental pressures.

In addition, we prepare technical and sports directors so that they are able to develop a “positive mindset” and non-confrontational mindset that can ensure positive results corresponding to expectations.