School Psychology

Improving the quality of our lives is possible by knowing ourselves

School psychology meet the behavioral health and learning needs of children and adolescents in the school setting. It addresses various themes and issues, such as specific learning disorders, social exclusion, violence, bullying, and multiculturalism. Cenpis Orion offers schools projects, teacher training, online service “” for school and college guidance. On-site specialized psychology services.


Cenpis Orion, which has always been engaged in school guidance nationwide, has launched the project and online service “” aimed at all schools in Italy to develop unexpressed potential and help young people find their future through guidance.

Specialized project services

  • Projects and Research for Schools, Agencies and Associations
  • School problems and hardships for students of all ages, with individual counseling and pathways
  • School orientation for eighth-grade students, with psycho-aptitude tests for high school choice
  • University orientation for fifth-grade students, with psycho-aptitude tests for college choice and job placement
  • Student profession: psycho-educational tutor for school success. Specialized tests and meetings with our experts to detect personal factors of school success for students of all ages.