Cenpis is the Academy of Talent and Quality of Life, Italy’s leading group for the recovery and success of people

Cenpis is the Academy of Talent and Quality of Life, Italy’s leading group for the recovery and success of people

Chairman: Prof. Daniele Popolizio

Honorary President: Prof. Antonio Popolizio

Our mission: to improve people’s quality of life.

Cenpis is the first multi-disciplinary group of leading professional firms in the relevant fields, a guarantee of quality in the harmonious and strong empowerment and development of the individual, a guarantee of always innovative, effective and wide-ranging projects, of constant research and innovation in the methods used, and of attention to people.

Cenpis aims to promote and enhance the identification and development of individual Talent and Quality of Life of people, whether groups or individuals.

CENPIS was established in 1980 under the name C.P.S., which was changed in 1996. It consists of two Areas, the “Counseling and Training” area, named Cenpis Academy, and the “Psychotherapy and Psychosomatic” area, named“Cenpis Orion.”

Cenpis Academy intervenes in the fields of Sports, Labor, Marketing and Communication, as well as organizing Masters and Training Courses for Talent Development and Personal Success.

Cenpis Orion targets the individual, family and school with interventions that promote mental and physical well-being and personal fulfillment.

Prof. Daniele Popolizio
Prof. Daniele Popolizio
Psychologist Psychotherapist, Mental Coach recognized for merit. Cenpis President.
Prof. Antonio Popolizio
Prof. Antonio Popolizio
Psychologist Psychotherapist, Honorary President Cenpis.

The New Frontier

The development of an interesting model of people intervention that implies a modern way of approaching and managing patients.


Clinical and school psychology activities performed since 1980

Projects implemented in 745 state schools in Rome and Lazio
Families reached each year thanks to the work of 20 specialists in the field
Cases followed in person and family counseling and psychotherapy activities
Psychologists selected each year through internships and trained with limited master’s degrees of ten

Occupational psychology activities carried out since 2004

  • Professional training course “Potential development and personal self-esteem” for human resources Company “R.E.R.” in the various branches in Rome, from March to June 2004
  • Professional training course “Self-esteem, communication and improvement of business climate,” from September to November 2004 in the company “E.D.” with branches in Rome and Tivoli
  • Work Psychology Meeting titled “Potential and Business Climate for Company Development” carried out for 20 companies in Tivoli, at E.D. headquarters in Tivoli.
  • Human resource assessment project, potential grading and corporate reorganization of “Sana Full System” Consortium
  • “NOVA EURONICS,” human resource assessment and potential grading project; training intervention project on Human Resource Directors, Store Managers and Management.
  • Official European Sport Project “Europe, Psychology and Sport.” 2003 – 2004 season under the sponsorship of Italian Volleyball Federation and 30 sports clubs, including: Canottieri Tevere Remo, C.C. Aniene, Canottieri Roma, Aurelia Nuoto, Lazio Nuoto, Ternana Calcio, Frosinone Calcio, Latina Calcio, T.C. Parioli, C.T. Eur, Villa Flaminia Sport, Tiber Basket, Stella Azzurra Basket, Fonte Meravigliosa Sport, Club del Volley
  • Project of specialized psychological preparation applied to sport Competitive Teams sports sections Canoeing, Rowing, Swimming of Circolo Canottieri Aniene since January 2005
  • Mental preparation project applied to sports with the following results: 3 Olympic titles, 21 world titles, 26 European titles and more than 200 national titles.
  • Official European Sport Project “Europe, Psychology and Sport ” – Second 2006-2007 season of specialized psychological preparation Competitive Teams C.C. Aniene (tennis and swimming sections) and Virtus Roma (volleyball section)
  • Master’s degree in sport psychology recognized U.E. “
    Sport Psychology
    ” in 2004
  • Specialist Sports Counseling activities with over 70 National and International level athletes followed.

Occupational psychology activities carried out since 2003