Psychology, science of human change, science that regulates interactions between people. A modern technology, therefore, applied to man and his relationships, his internal (our “inner world“) and external (our “social relationships“) processes.

A modern approach, the Philosophy of Performance, and a method, the Funnel Technique, are nothing but the fruit of 15 years of international research applied in the countries of the European Union, leading Projects always aimed at the development of a special psychological dimension that belongs to all of us: talent. A designated target to achieve effective self-enhancement.

Complex and multi-faceted, Talent requires not so much a mono-disciplinary approach (be it medical, homeopathic, pharmacological, psychological), but an innovative multi – professionalism. In fact, our bodies and behaviors, through complex chemical and biological processes, are expressions of our main function: the mind.

Everything we do is the result of our own mental processes, both automatic (unconscious) and not (conscious), our deep desires, our peculiarities (personality). It is with this in mind that we have built a methodology for the identification and development of Personal Talent, unifying the most important scientific disciplines and related working methods in our multi-disciplinary teams.


Funnel Technique


Cenpis, the first National Association for the Identification and Development of Talent, responds to this very philosophy, using the Funnel technique, the most modern method available today in EU countries, certified by official international merit awards earned for applied research, the only one that can define a
Individual Talent Profile
, a unique tool for the subsequent training of one’s resources.

Our approach, devoted to the pursuit of individual and group excellence, represents something truly new for the success of individuals and work teams because it introduces a method of dynamic potential recovery and development.

Highly specialized area of team intervention

A true Working Team composed of professionals from each discipline guided by a unified scientific method, who follow the development and expression of individual talent step by step.

Either by starting, if necessary, with the delicate process of crisis care, or by starting directly with the modern and advanced Personal Resource training and empowerment program. As well learned from our work with elite professional athletes, internationally renowned artists and managers, but also from the many students from the most prestigious universities, entrepreneurs and established freelancers who train with us on a daily basis.


  • Psycho-corporeal and motivational techniques
  • Race emotional management
  • Symptomatic treatment psychosomatically based performance anxiety and injury
  • Individual and team personality enhancement and/or restructuring
  • Resolution of race and/or group psychological blocks
  • Mental and unconscious construction-empowerment of leadership
  • Enhancement of coach-team psychodynamics.

MEDICAL AREA (by request)

  • Physician gastroenterologist nutritionist
  • Physiotherapist / Hospeopath
  • Personal trainer
  • Center for clinical and instrumental analysis.

Service 1: Professional Athletes

Preparation for professional athletes

Development of psychological resources, support and development of individual security

  • Video-Photo analysis of “race mechanisms” and race attendance
  • Individual and group meetings to build a “champion’s head”
  • Identification and improvement of psychological resources useful for competition
  • Analyzing and building effective communication with coaches and teammates
  • Increased personal and collective self-esteem.

Advanced mental preparation for top athletes

Enhance athletes’ psychological resources and modify
stably their mental toughness and their approach to the race

Psycho-aptitude assessment of each athlete with battery of tests and individual concluding profile

  • Individual personality study
  • Analysis and profile of individual pre- and post-race mood
  • Test sport-specific study of attentional style and mental abilities
  • Individualized performance profile and identification of race blocks.

Individual and group mental preparation

  • One weekly individual meeting and one fortnightly group meeting
  • Mental training meetings for race mental skills training
  • An initial period of training athletes in psychological issues.

Video-Photo analysis of “race mechanisms” and race attendance

  • Video footage of the team’s competition blocks and critical moments of triggering individual and group mechanisms
  • Photo analysis of the psychological highlights of the races
  • Presence of the psychologist at specific competitions and trainings.

Team group preparation

  • Study of group structure and identification of current stage of development
  • Defining the level of cohesion and processes in place
  • Real and hidden leadership.

Team Empowering techniques for “cementing” the group

  • Experiential themed outdoor training meetings with experience processing
  • Discovery and enhancement of athletes’ leadership and sense of team.

Service 2 – Youth

Service 2 – Youth

The conferences have the dual purpose of raising awareness of the educational role of sports among families, providing them with guidance for the young person and building an educational strategy to effectively manage school and recreational commitments.

The course consists of two or more meetings of 1 1/2 hours each, and is intended for all parents of the sports club who are interested in participating.


  • Psychophysical development of the young person and sports practice
  • Sports success in building self-esteem
  • The parent-technical-pupil relationship
  • Influence of own expectations on children

Response with tests on the state of their children’s psychological development in different areas of life especially in school and sports.