Family Psychology

Living in harmony and expressing oneself as a couple

The life of a couple is difficult, and, often, issues spill over not only to the man and woman involved in the crisis, but also to the children. The malaise is likely to affect the serenity of the entire family life, so early intervention is recommended. The couple goes into crisis and becomes “sick,” manifesting discomfort to the woman and the man. You no longer live well together, and in the long run, the malaise eventually sickens the members of the couple until it leads to separation.

Couples therapy

A psychologist is available at the office to conduct couples therapy apt to address together:

  • Couple crisis
  • Discomfort in sexual life
  • Communication conflicts
  • Separation and divorce issues
  • Detachment from partner and prevention of depressive crisis.

Group training

To face together with others, in a group led by the Therapist, a journey of psychological maturation in the main aspects of relationship life, from relationship with the opposite sex, to relationship with others. Objectives:

  • Achieving a sound personal psychological balance
  • Improving the relationship with the opposite sex
  • Enhancing one’s self-esteem
  • Improving relationship with others.


Only by increasing one’s sexual potential is it possible for both men and women to fully and highly fulfillingly explore the communicative power of sexuality. Many of the difficulties encountered are just a reflection of some unconscious conditioning or experience related to one of the most delicate aspects for all living things.