Center for Psychology and Psychosomatics

Division of Psychology and Psychosomatics

Cenpis Orion is founded and directed by Prof. Dr. Antonio Popolizio – Psychologist and Psychotherapist, qualified in school, family and clinical psychology for anxiety, panic attacks, depression and various psychosomatic disorders – and Prof. Dr. Daniele Popolizio – Psychologist Psychotherapist, EU Merit Recognized Mental Coach.

Cenpis Orion, is a psychology and psychosomatic center consisting of a team of psychologists, school counselors, psychotherapists, physicians and various experts with the aim of promoting psycho-physical well-being and personal fulfillment, based on human and professional values.

Childhood and developmental psychology

Developmental psychology studies the process of growth and development of people, related to physical and psychological growth in the social environment. During this the personality is shaped through stages from early childhood to adolescence.

School Psychology

School psychology meet the behavioral health and learning needs of children and adolescents in the school setting. It addresses various themes and issues, such as specific learning disorders, social exclusion, violence, bullying, and multiculturalism.

Cenpis Orion offers schools projects, teacher training, online service “www.orientastudenti.it” for school and college guidance. On-site specialized psychology services.

Family Psychology

The life of a couple is difficult, and, often, issues spill over not only to the man and woman involved in the crisis, but also to the children. The malaise is likely to affect the serenity of the entire family life, so early intervention is recommended.

Psychology of Health and Psychosomatics

Psychotherapy for adolescents and adults. Brief psychotherapy for personal crisis.

We launched the “Overcoming Anxiety and Stress” project with innovative integrated “Body and Mind” treatment with specialized on- and off-site interventions.

Clinical psychology

Understanding, prevention and intervention in psychological and relational problems, at the individual, family and group levels, including activities to promote and maintain psychological well-being.