Health Psychology
and Psychosomatics

The mind and the body: two parallel worlds.”

We launched the “Overcoming Anxiety and Stress” project with innovative integrated “Body and Mind” treatment with specialized on- and off-site interventions.

Cenpis offers the opportunity to choose one of our specialists directly or request an appointment with our psychosomatic general practitioner. This expert will follow up with the patient to construct with the help of Cenpis specialists a medical and psychological diagnosis that ascertains the causes of one’s complaints and the most appropriate treatment.

A careful psycho-diagnostic and medical examination carried out with interviews, psychological tests, clinical examinations and specialized medical examinations to ultimately have a profile of one’s psycho-physical health. The aim is to discover the causes of any psychosomatic and stress-related diseases.

Psychosomatic Medicine

Cenpis provides trusted and highly professional medical specialists who work in those areas of medicine directly related to psychology and psychosomatics. Specifically, the specializations are:

General medicine

The good “family doctor” is the only one who is still able, even today, to retain an overview and constant over time guarantee of a thorough knowledge of the patient. The patient’s general medical condition and “typical pathologies,” are also a reflection of a peculiar psychological and genetic-family conformation.


Levels of some hormones vary consistently as psychological conditions change, even if only temporarily; this variation becomes increasingly substantial if certain psychological states are prolonged over time. Particularly in the period of growth, but also in some critical stages of our evolutionary cycle (middle age, 30s, 40s), endocrinological monitoring is essential combined with related psychological support.

Andrology and Gynecology

The organs of the sexual sphere, in men as in women, are extraordinary “carriers” of tensions and emotions, from the most hidden and sedimented to the most positive and energizing. Most disorders affecting the genital and reproductive systems are closely connected with unexplored areas of our psychology and with the continuation of relationship and couple problems.


How many times have we felt “nerves on edge,” having to control and contain ourselves so as not to explode and blow everything up…; this is the typical signal our body sends us when the stress level is now at its limit. Scrupulous attention to the state of health of our nervous system is indispensable, now more than ever, in order not to lose effectiveness at various times of our days and not to negatively reinforce non-positive psychological states.


Many allergic reactions are the result of chronic states of stress, unresolved trauma, dysfunctional and maladaptive emotional states.


The diseases affecting our immune system are countless, but how come we develop just some of them instead of others? And why is it precisely at certain times of our lives or at certain times of the year? One of the main answers lies in the psychological aspect that characterizes our existential or transitory moment, and it is often through “sudden illnesses” that we “call ourselves out” of some of the challenges we face. With proper psychological support, it is really possible to change some of our body’s seemingly uncontrolled reactions.


Since the heart is the symbolic seat of our affectivity, it is one of the main target organs in states of personal crisis, couple crisis, and psycho-affective trauma. Preventive therapy and medical treatment turn out to be crucial in identifying any disorders related to the psychological sphere.


Many dermatological conditions are a reflection of a continuation of latent non-positive psychological states over time. Only careful analysis of “risk zones” ensures effective prevention from the spread of a major dermatological disorder.

Physiotherapy and Osteopathy

Our body, with its pathologies affecting the muscles or as a result of injury trauma, with accumulation points affecting vital organs, the spine and joint mobility, is an exceptional “communicator” of imbalances and situations of temporary or lasting stress. As well as positive energy accumulation points. Synergy with the physiotherapist and osteopath ensures an excellent level of psychosomatic integration and effective mind-body combination.


Intestinal viruses, frequent stomachaches, acid reflux, stomach spasms….all typical ailments that everyone has experienced firsthand. But the stomach, in a psychosomatic sense, is also and above all the area of “digestion” of some things that just don’t want to go down, of anxious states that make us fragile, of “stomach blows” that are the first stressor because of the negative emotions to which they refer.

Nutritionism and functional status

Love and food, affectivity and food. Self-care and lack of attention to self. And an era that placed great importance on aesthetics and the communicative potential of our bodies as well. Many positive psychological states also and especially come through proper nutrition and a balanced ratio of fat to muscle mass. And the functional feeling of fitness and well-being is now indispensable.

Clinical analysis

Due to the psychosomatic alterations taking place during stress states, it is essential to efficiently and rigorously monitor certain biological, endocrinological, and physiological parameters of our body to make a more accurate diagnosis and propose a more targeted and synergistic treatment.