Developing one’s talents as a leader and manager

Motivating others to build a united and effective team

Developing well-being and job satisfaction




The world of work has changed.

Today to be a good manager it is no longer enough to be competent and capable. It is necessary to
become a true leader
and proactive guide who engages the group and makes it become a united and effective team.

The manager pushes to work, while the leader guides and motivates to want to do.

This means maturing a new corporate culture and building in oneself a new way of leadership. The secret is to form a team that spontaneously pushes people to be committed and give their best to achieve well-being for themselves and the achievement of business goals.

The Cenpis proposal


To convey to the course leaders and managers a method developed by the Center for building a united, highly proactive and participatory team with individual and group well-being within.

All of this is accomplished for one big reason: the people who are part of it can only achieve the business goals, only by achieving the personal psychological goals and the goals of the team they are part of.

In other words, “Achievingself-actualization, personal fulfillment, self-esteem and personal well-being by working in team and group and achieving corporate goals together.”

Wellness on the farm

The result can be achieved by training managers in group psychology and well-being in the company, because only then will they find true self-fulfillment for themselves and others by reaching great unthinkable goals.

Leaders can achieve concrete results from their employees only if they themselves first demonstrate a positive orientation toward them with personal involvement, without fear of losing their role but truly acquiring it as leaders.

This is accomplished by communicating two basic concepts: building a participatory and creative group mentality, and helping them become a winning team that achieves all goals.

Specific goals

1. Build special communication with employees not only to listen to them but more importantly to improve their performance and well-being in the company and in the group

2. Analyze one’s mental attitude in leadership and check what it causes in the collective unconscious of one’s co-workers

3. Being a guide and leader: finding the main motivational levers, the enhancement of resources, developing the use of their abilities and their winning mental attitudes.

Course structure

Getting to know each other

First introductory meeting to share goals, objectives and the proposed path; theoretical foundations of wellness at work, forming a team, stress and time management.


Five meetings, one per month conducted with guide sheets, questionnaires, projective tools and methods of one’s role and corporate experience, own leadership style test, classroom simulations.


Develop in oneself the psychological and professional qualities to become a true leader and purposeful guide. Find out how to take risks and be open to change.

How to build a united and effective team by motivating employees to intense participation in the work group that drives psychological, human, and professional needs and motivations.

Generating psychological well-being in employees at work. Techniques to increase self-confidence and self-esteem in employees, set ambitious goals for them for their self-actualization.

Methodologies to increase employees’ enthusiasm, teaching how to deal with obstacles, strengthen the relationship of trust and cooperation among them.

Techniques to positively decentralize decisions and make employees develop a sense of responsibility and initiative and problem solving.

Techniques for managing conflict, change, and valuing one’s employees.