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Theoretical models and practical tools converge in economic and consumer psychology, relating to the needs and wants of individuals and businesses. The topics most analyzed by marketing psychology are the research and professional interventions on effective communication and communication advertising (e.g., psychological responses to advertising), as well as the consumer behavior and marketing.

Of particular interest, are developments related to
, or a discipline that merges traditional marketing with neurology and psychology. Neuromarketing seeks to explain what happens in people’s brains when they are subjected to stimuli from advertisements, product packaging, and the viewing of specific brands, with the goal of determining the strategies that drive purchase.


Our services

Our services

We do marketing and communication for Companies and Entities. We investigate and use neurological and psychological levers to develop effective institutional communication and advertising projects, i.e., those that can truly “convey” their message to the recipient. Likewise, we design digital communication plans that are closely connected between traditional marketing and digital marketing.

Effective communication

A mix of tools to communicate and convey one’s values through a communication strategy developed by professionals in the field.

Our services

  • Communication strategies
  • Public Relations
  • Press Office
  • Press releases
  • Press review
  • Brand and Corporation Identity Development

Digital marketing

Data-driven marketing.

Digital marketing strategies and online advertising


  • Defining marketing plans
  • Brand positioning, target audience, and competitive analysis
  • Funnel definition (sales or lead generatorion), USP identification and KPI targets
  • Digital marketing strategies

Web Design

Using the techniques and tools of “User Experience,” a discipline closely related to the world of neuroscience, we design and develop websites, e-commerce systems, corporate intranets and Apps that can engage users and give them the best user experience. A usable and easy-to-navigate site

What we do

  • Websites and E-commerce
  • UX Research & UX Design
  • Counseling
  • Indexing and search engine positioning
  • Design of complex information systems (software, intranet, app)