Sports Area

National Center for Athlete and Professional Team Recovery and Mental Development

Scientific Direction and Design: formerly Prof. Daniele Popolizio, Mental Coach to the credit EU Sport Project.
Head of European Sport Project 2012-2015. Specialist psychologist, Psychotherapist.

The only protocolized and proven psychological preparation – Funnel Technique for professional teams and athletes.


Mental coaching for technicians and coaches

Psychological preparation for stress management and environmental pressures.


First national sportsman’s mental preparation and recovery center

First national sportsman’s mental preparation and recovery center

Cenpis, the first National Association for the Identification and Development of Talent, using the Funnel Technique, the most modern method available today in the countries of the European Union, documented by certificates of merit for applied scientific research carried out under the European Sport Project from 2006 to 2015, the only one capable of defining a Individual Talent Profile, a unique tool for the subsequent training of its resources.

Our approach, devoted to the pursuit of individual and group excellence, represents something truly new for the success of individuals and work teams because it introduces a method of dynamic potential recovery and development.