Legal Psychology analyzes the psychological profile and personal experience of the person involved in legal proceedings in order to investigate their intellectual, character and attitudinal aspects. The person is framed psychologically in relation to his or her role in the family, relationships, school, work, and society in general. From the psychological point of view, both personality factors (character elements, intelligence, motivations and drives, tendencies and aptitudes) and special conditions are investigated (mental frailty, intellectual deficits, psychosomatic and mental stress, social dangerousness). In particular, legal psychology deals with technical consultations and psychological expert reports in civil and criminal matters to assess psychological aspects of criminal responsibility of minors and adults, to assess psychological aspects resulting from separations, divorces, child adoptions, sexual abuse, mental and psychophysical disturbances to victims of violence.


Our services

Our services

In modern society Psychology and Law appear to be an appropriate and necessary pairing, a twinning now inevitable as much as it is desired and desired. The law evaluates behavior and regulates it, so it cannot disregard the psychological element it expressly refers to in certain branches of law.

Cenpis law firm area services:

  • School of Education and Master’s Degree in Legal Psychology
  • Society and contracts
  • Labor and welfare
  • Properties and leases
  • Inheritance and Family Law
  • Civil liability.


Cenpis organizes the Master’s Program in Legal Psychology to become an expert in this interesting branch of Psychology. Click here for more information.

Other Cenpis services include:

  • State exam preparation with training courses and personal preparation support.
  • Psychological preparation for managing and passing the state exam
  • Starting own professional practice and growing as a professional with psychological training and preparation courses.


Advice and assistance, judicial and non-judicial for:

  • Commercial contracts, compulsory performance, termination and compensation, assignments, reliefs and leases of businesses
  • Unfair competition and damages
  • Establishment of new companies and drafting of bylaws
  • Inter-company and inter-member disputes.


Advice and assistance, judicial and non-judicial for:

  • Employed and self-employed workers, collective bargaining agreement, job classification and redetermination of pay items, dismissals and termination, disciplinary sanctions, labor disputes, injuries, temporary and permanent disabilities
  • Disputes involving damages in labor and social security discipline.


Legal advice and assistance for:

  • Design of industrial, commercial, residential contracts
  • Lease licenses, delinquencies
  • Protection of property
  • Condominium litigation.


Legal advice and assistance for:

  • Industrial accidents, traffic accidents, unfair competition compensation
  • Professional liability damages
  • Liability in general.


Advice and assistance, judicial and non-judicial for:

  • Separations, divorces, and personal rights
  • Protection of offspring and parental rights, with a focus on recent innovations in shared custody
  • Inheritances, drafting of wills, challenges to probate of wills, divisions of estate.