Cenpis is the Academy of Talent and Quality of Life, Italy’s leading group for the recovery and success of people

Our goal: to lead you to professional success!

Cenpis Academy

The first pole of excellence for the preparation and startup of talented professionals. As part of the Mission of identifying and developing one’s Talent, Cenpis offers multiple opportunities to selected talented professionals:

  • Become a Member of the Club, following appropriate selection, taking advantage of the professional and networking opportunities that such status affords
  • Construction, Empowerment and Affirmation of the Professional, by high-level professionals for the launch, consolidation and success of freelancing, through the implementation of work projects supported by the Club
  • Cenpis National Brand, to be used to promote and enhance the profession through innovative projects designed with society and through the assurance of membership in an elite brand
  • Public Image Management, secured and implemented by the Club in every public and media appearance.

Through this innovative format, the Club brings together talented and high-level professionals to join its professional network, thus developing its prestigious services in Italy and ensuring continuous innovation in the field. First and only national leading society of elite professionals. A Club of Winning People.

Membership Status

Founders and Honorary – Professionals – Ordinary – Supporters.

Club Member Services

  • Network of Studies, Clients and Partner Companies. A network of professional firms that are leaders in their category
  • Facilities, Companies and Professionals with whom to develop services and from whom to receive them
  • Prestigious corporate headquarters and professional office in the elegant Trieste district, in the center of Rome, in which to carry out one’s profession
  • Private projects and clientele: conception and management of large-scale personal projects in the areas of Sports, Corporate, Education, Legal, Clinical and Research to build one’s business.

Associate with us!

If you would like to join the Cenpis group, call us at +39 06 85 43 527 or write to direzione@cenpis.it.

Cenpis Group

Academy of Talent and Quality of Life.

To lead you to professional success.