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The crisis in the relationship today

In Italy, as in the rest of the West, divorce rates are rising sharply. Marital instability has definitely multiplied. The data speak for themselves: for every 100 marriages that take place during the year, 23.5 of the couples separate. Through the exposition of a case, it is shown what are the elements, the pitfalls that lead couples, and the individuals in them, to choose separation.

What psychology for today’s school? The Cenpis Model.

The role of the school psychologist has often been associated with a function centered solely on the provision of interviews or specialized psychological counseling. In fact it must keep in mind the concept of Health proposed by WHO. Hence the Cenpis model for schools.

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Psychosomatics and homeopathy

What is meant by Psychosomatics? The article analyzes the various definitions used to explain this field of medicine, going so far as to assert that "Psychosomatics must pose as a new way of doing medicine and more generally of addressing the problem of the relationship between spirit and matter." Homeopathic medicine fits into this context. The cure, which is accomplished with the homeopathic "medicine" is due to the action of energy-information that through the homeopathic granules or drops reaches the spiritual part of the sick person. The medicine therefore acts on the patient's personality. It makes one acquire a new strength, a better Awareness of themselves and their abilities.

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Psychology and marketing: the future of communication has already begun

How can you be assured of the effectiveness of your advertising investment? How to produce advertising that finally gives results and at the same time has an acceptable cost compared to the effectiveness offered? Cenpis is launching a new structure and methodology on the market that can guarantee this. The idea is simple but ingenious: to create a dual staff of professionals consisting of two groups that continuously dialogue verifying and validating the whole process: a group of psychologists and a group of communication experts.

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